GoTrax GKX electric scooter

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GoTrax GKX electric scooter

The GoTrax GKS is an affordable starter electric scooter perfect for young children.

Weight: 17 pounds
Max speed: 7.5 MPH
Range: 4 miles (est)
Max. rider weight: 154 Lbs
Recommended rider age: 6-12 years

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If you are looking for an introductory electric scooter for a young child just learning to ride, the $129 GoTrax GKS is an excellent and affordable option. This moderate to low priced scooter offers a unique ‘Safety-Start’ technology — a two button foot-controlled starting sequence to engage the motor and ensure a safe riding position. Its smaller than average deck length and handle height along with its fixed top speed of 7.5 miles per hour makes it suitable for smaller kids on the younger side of the 6-12 age range.

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