Grandma Goes Viral Over Amazing Pokemon Nickname Video

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Grandma Goes Viral Over Amazing Pokemon Nickname Video

Over the last 25 years, the mascots of the Pokemon franchise have become household names, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is super familiar with them. After watching a video of a grandmother incorrectly guessing Bulbasaur’s name as “Strawberry,” streamer Purplecliffe decided to quiz his own grandmother on the Pokemon’s name. He decided to record her response, where she referred to the Pokemon as “the green-eyed toad.” It’s a cute exchange to be sure, but then Purplecliffe decides to share a text message exchange in which his grandmother shows him some pretty flowers before threatening to shoot any deer that might come near them!

The TikTok video can be found embedded below.

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Purplecliffe Quizzes His Grandma #fyp #pokemon #purplecliffe

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