Halo 3 review

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Halo 3 review

The genre-defining shooter holds up fantastically, despite an imperfect package.

What is it? It’s Halo 3, on PC.
Expect to pay: £30/$40
Developer 343 Industries
Publisher Xbox Games Studios
Reviewed on GTX 1060, AMD Fx-4130, 8GB RAM
Multiplayer? Up to 16 players
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Long ago, on some long lost Windows Vista machine, Microsoft’s big green army man promised us he’d “finish the fight”. Then, 13 years passed, and PC players never found out what happened to Master Chief’s merry band of army-lads, floating orbs and squid-faced Keith Davids. Now, with Halo 3’s arrival via The Master Chief Collection, the circle is finally complete. The old soldier might be showing a few wrinkles, but the closing act of Bungie’s original trilogy still knows how to go out with one hell of a bang.

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