Hands on: Cenava W81H rugged Windows tablet review

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Hands on: Cenava W81H rugged Windows tablet review

All in all, the W81H is a solidly built Windows tablet that appears durable enough for most outdoor tasks. It has an impressive array of ports and connectors but its low storage capacity, lack of after sales support and weak processor make it a risky purchase for most businesses.

The Ceaeva W81H is a product that warrants its own category. Windows tablets are not a rarity per se but rugged versions with 4G connectivity area and a surprisingly low price tag definitely are. We decided to do a hands-on review rather than a standard review to highlight the differences between this tablet and the rest of the market and try to explain some of the decisions taken by the Cenava team.

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The W81H rugged tablet is available from online Chinese retailer Banggood for a mere $379.99 (about £, AU$). Note that the price doesn’t include shipping and courier fees. Note that an Android version of the device – the A81G – is available for a slightly higher price and comes with a Snapdragon 625 CPU and Android 9.0 OS.

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