Hands on: Nintendo Switch OLED review

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Hands on: Nintendo Switch OLED review

Nintendo Switch OLED is the console upgrade that pleases more than it wows. Its 7-inch screen is larger than the original Switch and the OLED technology behind it boosts the contrast ratio for anyone who plays the console in handheld or tabletop mode. Perks like a wider, more reliable rear kickstand, double the internal storage and Ethernet support from the TV dock make it a stepping stone to play Nintendo games on the go. Just don’t call it a Nintendo Switch Pro.

The instant I held the Nintendo Switch OLED in my hands, I knew that if I planned to continue playing Switch games in handheld or tabletop mode, I needed to upgrade to the new version. No, it’s not the fabled Nintendo Switch 4K, but this October 8-bound upgrade is the one that matters if you game on the go, away from the TV-tied docking station.

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There was no better demonstration of this than my time going hands-on with the new Nintendo console, blasting my way through early levels of the launch game Metroid Dread. The game, also due out October 8, is compatible with the old Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, which is good news since sold-out Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders will make the new console hard to come by at first.

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