Hands on: Surface Duo 2 review

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Hands on: Surface Duo 2 review

The Surface Duo 2 is Microsoft’s flagship mobile device, and this time around it brings much faster hardware and some notable usability improvements. We’ll have to wait to see how it plays out in a full review, but things are looking good this time around.

The Surface Duo debuted just over a year ago, and was one of the most unique devices in a while, certainly the most adventurous we’d ever seen Microsoft be. But there were a number of issues that stopped the not-a-phone from reaching its true potential. The Surface Duo 2, then, is Microsoft’s chance to take the concept to the masses with some much-needed improvements. 

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Chief among these is hardware that’s actually capable of doing the heavy multi-tasking that the Surface Duo 2’s form factor requires. This time around, the device is way snappier, avoiding a lot of the slowdowns and freezes we experienced in our time with the original device. 

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