Hate Ads? You May Love YouTube’s Cheap New Ad-Free Plan

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Hate Ads? You May Love YouTube’s Cheap New Ad-Free Plan

Would you pay a few bucks per month just to remove the ads from YouTube? YouTube thinks you will.

Premium Lite is YouTube’s new, cheaper subscription, relative to the regular $11.99 Premium option, at a price expected to come in around $6.99 a month, if and when it’s released in the US. It comes without the ads, but doesn’t have background (picture-in-picture) playback, or ad-free music. The idea seems to be that folks who don’t want to pay $12 per month just to add features to an already-free video service might be convinced to pay to get rid of the ads. But is it worth it? If you hate ads, and want to support your favorite creators, then the answer is yes.

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“YouTube Premium is an excellent solution to some of the problems YouTube has been sharply criticized for over the past years,” YouTuber Paul Strobel told Lifewire via email. “Not only does it make the user experience much better without ad breaks, but it also diminishes many of the issues that are created by YouTube being an advertiser-driven platform.” 

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