Hood: Outlaws and Legends review

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Hood: Outlaws and Legends review

An accessible online heist game with some fun systems that wrestle with clumsy combat and an ugly presentation.

What is it? An online PvPvE heist game set in a dark imagining of the Robin Hood universe
Expect to pay: $30/£27
Developer: Sumo Digital
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Reviewed on: Ryzen 7 5800H, Nvidia GeForce 3070 (mobile), 16GB RAM
Multiplayer? Yes, 4v4 online
Link: Official site

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PvPvE extraction games, where teams of players race and pummel each other to find a treasure/bounty/McGuffin on a map, grab it, then try to escape while others give chase, are on the up. With my beloved bayou blaster Hunt: Showdown reaching peak numbers while the more secretive Escape from Tarkov attracts tens of thousands of concurrent players, it’s inevitable that plucky pretenders will try to get their share of the spoils.

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