Horizon Zero Dawn review

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Horizon Zero Dawn review

A classy sandbox that stands out from the pack thanks to its brilliant battles against an array of fantastic beasts.

What is it? An open world adventure set on a futuristic Earth where tribes battle robots.
Expect to pay $50/£40
Developer Guerrilla Games
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Reviewed on Intel i7-8700K CPU, GTX 2080 Ti, 32GB RAM Multiplayer? No
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If you missed the buzz surrounding Horizon Zero Dawn’s PS4 release back in 2017, here are the cliff notes. This is a systems-driven sandbox where you play Aloy—a tribal outcast with a chip on her shoulder and an undeniable talent for murdering robo beasties. Why are these mechanical monsters roaming lands that otherwise look like they were ripped straight from the set of One Million Years BC? Because Horizon is that rarest of creatures: a dystopian videogame that says something original about armageddon.

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