How AI Personalizes Your News Feed

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How AI Personalizes Your News Feed

The days of having your local paper delivered and reading the news every Sunday are long gone, and experts say artificial intelligence is the next phase of news. 

AI-generated content could mean many things today, including personalized news feeds catered to readers' interests and written articles gleaned from a data set. With so much information available 24/7 at our fingertips, it makes sense to have AI step in and help curate some of the news we consume. 

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“It just doesn’t make sense for humans to be going in and generating and putting together certain types of content because there’s no creativity—it’s just mind-numbing, and AI systems are good at the mind-numbing thing,” Ronald Schmelzer, a managing parter and principal analyst at Cognilytica, told Lifewire over the phone. 

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