How and where to replace your old, depleted iPhone battery

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How and where to replace your old, depleted iPhone battery

Your iPhone’s aging lithium-ion batteries will eventually start to lose their ability to retain a charge — and that can be highly frustrating, especially if you’re out and about all day. If that is happening to you, there are several solutions: you can switch over to the latest iPhone, start carrying a battery charger around with you, or — simply replace the battery.

To first identify whether your battery is ready for a change, you can check to see what the current health of your battery is by going to “Settings” > “Battery” > “Battery Health.” This is where you can find out your battery’s current maximum capacity. A small notice at the very top may appear if your iPhone’s battery is ready for a swap.

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If you’ve decided to replace the battery, you have two choices: doing it yourself or hiring someone else — like Apple — to do it. Doing it yourself poses several risks — you void any remaining warranty, and you risk breaking your phone. But if you’d rather do it yourself, there are plenty of guides online, and the process is easier than you might imagine.

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