How anyone can videoconference with Google Meet

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How anyone can videoconference with Google Meet

In a likely effort to stop the videoconferencing powerhouse that is Zoom, Google has expanded its Meet communications app to be available to anyone with a Gmail account (previously, it had only been open to those with for-pay G Suite or education accounts). You will be able to meet with up to 100 people and there is currently no time limit; after September 30th, meetings will be limited to 60 minutes.

You don’t have to do anything to get the app: it automatically appears in your Gmail app as a small “Meet” section in the left-hand column, right below your list of categories. As is Google’s habit, it is slowly rolling out the app to Gmail users over the next few weeks: a colleague with Gmail reported that he got the app last week, and I found it sitting in my Gmail account over the weekend, but at least one colleague reported this morning that she still hasn’t gotten it in her Gmail account. However, if you can’t wait, you can go to to try it out.

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If you do see the “Meet” section in your desktop Gmail, you’ll find that your new videoconferencing app is actually very convenient and simple to use.

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