How Hashtag Pages Can Improve YouTube

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How Hashtag Pages Can Improve YouTube

YouTube’s decision to change how the website uses its hashtag keywords recently was announced in a community post. Instead of offering recommendations of videos with the searched hashtag alongside other relevant content, hashtag landing pages now only will show the videos making use of that particular tag.

“Under the old system, you simply added keywords, but they were no guarantee your video would be found unless you intentionally misspelled a keyword and had someone search for your topic with the same misspelling,” YouTuber John Bennardo, director of The Two Dollar Bill Documentary, told us in an email interview. “The [new] hashtag feature will zero in on the exact category, and give you more of a chance to be seen than anything you could have done with keywords.”

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According to YouTube, more than 500 hours of content is uploaded every minute. If you’re just one of millions of content creators trying to make your way on the video sharing site, then finding your audience can be tough, especially for channels like Bennardo’s that fall into a much smaller niche.

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