How Netflix's Fast Laughs Could Change Everything

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How Netflix's Fast Laughs Could Change Everything

First impressions can be everything, and that’s the point behind Fast Laughs, a new feature from Netflix that showcases quick clips of shows and comedy specials. It’s currently only available in specific regions on iOS right now. But experts say the feature could help change how we find new shows to watch, especially if Netflix expands to other genres.

“Netflix introducing the Fast Laughs feature should not come as a surprise due to the explosive expansion and market penetration of TikTok,” Jamil Aziz, a marketing team lead at PureVPN, told Lifewire via email. 

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“Users can easily access it with their iPhones, and can engage with content by using react buttons and sharing it on their favorite social media sites. If this becomes successful, we could see similar things for other genres as well, from horror to suspense and action.”

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