How to Add Tabbed Documents to Microsoft Word

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How to Add Tabbed Documents to Microsoft Word

Would you like to be able to switch between your Word documents with tabs just like your web browser?  Here’s how you can turn Word into a tabbed document interface so you can easily edit multiple files at once.

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There are many different ways you could work on multiple documents at once, and Windows 7 Aero Snap makes it easy to work on documents side by side.  But, sometimes it can be nicer to have a full-screened editing window, but still be able to switch between your documents without going all the way to the taskbar to switch windows.  Doc Tabs is a great free addon that lets you use a familiar tabbed document interface in Word so you can switch between open documents just like you do on Firefox, Chrome, and other web browsers.

Please Note:  This addon works great in Word 2007, but crashed when you open Backstage in Word 2010.  If you’re still using Word 2007 though, this is a great addon and worked perfectly for it in our tests.

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