How to Change Your Password in Windows 11

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How to Change Your Password in Windows 11

Windows 11 makes changing a password a straightforward process that only requires a few button clicks, the existing password, and the password you’d like to use moving forward. But there is one caveat: Logging in via Windows Hello, the passwordless authentication mechanism that allows you to use facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, a physical security key, or a PIN instead of a password, will make it so you can’t go back to using a password to sign in.

Microsoft previously allowed Windows users to switch between using Windows Hello and password-based authentication to access their PCs. That appears to have changed with Windows 11, however, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Microsoft has been trying to kill passwords for years, and it recently advised millions of people to delete their Microsoft account’s password in favor of one of the authentication options available via Windows Hello.

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Local accounts that haven’t been set up to use Windows Hello can still rely on passwords to sign in, though. Here’s how to change your password in Windows 11.

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