How to download iOS 15 to your iPhone

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How to download iOS 15 to your iPhone

Apple has a new software update out, and it packs a lot of features. iOS 15 may not be introduce sweeping changes to your iPhone as past iOS updates have, but there are enough new capabilities and enhancements to make this a worthwhile upgrade.

Maps, Wallet and Safari all see major changes — the latter app features a significant redesign that you can undo if you find it too jarring. FaceTime gets some welcome improvements to its audio and video features now, and down the line, an update will enable SharePlay which lets you enjoys videos and music within Apple’s video chat app. A new Focus mode figures to help you fight distracting notifications while Live Text and Visual Look Up features use on-board intelligence to match some of the things Google Lens can do with photos.

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All told, it’s a pretty exciting update. But you can’t experience iOS 15 until you’ve upgraded to the new software. Here’s how to download iOS 15, with all the steps you should take care of before you upgrade.

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