How to Install Windows 11 on a Raspberry Pi 4 (Updated)

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How to Install Windows 11 on a Raspberry Pi 4 (Updated)

The Raspberry Pi is commonly associated with Linux operating systems such as Raspberry Pi OS. But what about running Microsoft OS on your Raspberry Pi? Officially, Microsoft’s only operating system for the Pi is Windows 10 IoT Core, but that is not a true operating system, merely a means to create an appliance with the Pi. Ambitious developers from the Raspberry Pi community are always finding a way to run a full desktop version of Windows on Raspberry Pi.

In 2020, we installed a version of Windows 10 onto a Raspberry Pi 4 and it performed admirably, if a little slowly. With the recent announcement of Windows 11 we revisited Windows on Raspberry Pi and thanks to a new ARM64 Insiders Preview image we’ll show you how to install Windows 11 on your Raspberry Pi 4. This how-to has been updated to include a new, simpler method which downloads and installs Windows 11 for Raspberry Pi using the Raspberry Pi itself no Windows PC is required. This new method is easier than installing via a Windows 10 computer, but the trade off is that it is much slower, taking well over an hour (sometimes two) versus under an hour for the manual (via a PC) method which we also show below.

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