How to migrate your Wunderlist to-do lists

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How to migrate your Wunderlist to-do lists

Wunderlist, the task and to-do management app that Microsoft acquired more than four years ago, is shutting down on May 6th. The company is no longer accepting signups, and as of Wednesday, May 6th, your Wunderlist tasks will no longer sync across devices.

Microsoft would prefer that you migrate from Wunderlist to its To Do app; as a result, it makes that process very simple. However, the fact is that you can easily export your Wunderlist data to other task management apps. If you’re a Wunderlist fan who has put off migrating away from the app until now, here are instructions for how to move to Microsoft To Do. We’ve also included instructions for two more popular task managers: Todoist and TickTick.

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No matter which app you’re going to move to, it’s a good idea to export your data so you have your own copy.

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