How to overclock Intel CPUs

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How to overclock Intel CPUs

Overclocking is not as difficult as you’d imagine. Indeed plenty of modern motherboards sell themselves on how easy they make squeezing a bit more performance out of your CPU. Some of these will offer you a single click option to try and get more from your chip, while those that relish a more hands-on challenge can go down the manual route. Something for everyone, basically.

Starting from the basics, you may be wondering what overclocking is. The good news is that’s a fairly easy thing to answer: as the name suggests it’s about running a component, in this case, your Intel CPU, at a high frequency, or clock speed, than intended. It gets a bit more complicated straight away though because as you run the chip faster it produces more heat, and becomes more unstable.

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Staying on top of the thermals is key to overclocking.

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