How to set up a Houseparty account

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How to set up a Houseparty account

Houseparty has become popular among teenagers and college students, mainly because it makes video chatting with friends quick and convenient. Houseparty shows you which of your friends is online; you can then open the app and join a call instantly. You can also play one of Houseparty’s built-in games with friends when you’re on a call together — in fact, Houseparty was acquired by Epic Games, known for creating Fortnite, last year.

Houseparty allows users to make group video calls with up to eight people. It is available for both Android and iPhone; there’s also an app for macOS and a Chrome extension that drops you into the browser version of the app (which is still in beta). But both the Mac and web versions are mainly meant to be used as additions to the mobile app. And keep in mind that you can only use Houseparty on one device at a time.

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Here’s how to set up an account:

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