How WhatsApp's Photo Quality Options Could Benefit Everyone

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How WhatsApp's Photo Quality Options Could Benefit Everyone

WhatsApp appears to be working on an update that will allow users to choose their quality before sharing media with friends and family. While many likely won’t notice the changes, experts say the ability to send higher-quality images could be especially beneficial for creatives.

“I think for people who are heavy users of messaging apps from a professional point of view—whether it’s social media managers, graphic designers, creatives, reporters, journalists, all of those sorts of groups—this will be a helpful addition,” Matt Navarra, social media consultant and industry commentator, told Lifewire in a WhatsApp audio message. 

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“Because, often, if you want a specific image that you want to use for a news report, on TV, or in print or online, you’ll want the images to be as high-quality as possible.” 

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