IBM’s new quantum processor more than doubles qubit capacity

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IBM’s new quantum processor more than doubles qubit capacity

Quantum computing doesn’t really mean much to PC gamers, let alone most people who dabble with computers. This is largely because it’s still pretty far out of the reach of most regular folk given the price to buy, let alone power, or actually having a worthy task to complete. That said, researchers are making new headway all the time, so you could be counting the qubits in your new rigs faster than you think.

Well IBM seems to think so, at least. The company released a statement announcing what it’s referring to as a breakthrough in its newest quantum processor. Dubbed Eagle, this processor has a huge array of 127 qubits ready to solve your quantum problems. This makes the Eagle processor the world’s largest, more than doubling the capabilities of other top of the line machines. 

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Before this, the most qubits we’d seen working together was by computers like the Zuchongzhi superconducting processor from the University of Science and Technology of China, with 60 qubits.

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