Instagram Is No Longer Just for Sharing Photos

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Instagram Is No Longer Just for Sharing Photos

Last week, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri said that the network is no longer a photo-sharing app. So what is it? Easy—an entertainment and branding platform, just like TV used to be. 

Recent changes at Instagram show a significant shift away from a simple photo-sharing site. In reality, Instagram has been about a lot more than just duck-face selfies and breakfast photos for years now. Fashion pros use it to communicate, brands use it to sell, and influencers use it to make a living. But now, Instagram seems to be consolidating these changes and admitting the truth. 

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“Thinking of Instagram as a place where you can post photos is one thing; but thinking of it as a powerful algorithm that feeds on your data and is smart and subtle enough to influence your behavior is something entirely different,” Mark Coster of education tech site Stem Geek told Lifewire via email. 

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