iOS 15 review: A better iPhone experience

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iOS 15 review: A better iPhone experience

iOS 15 isn’t a major overhaul, but the rather lengthy list of improvements adds up to create a much better iPhone experience. Changes to Maps, Photos and Notes are particularly welcome, while a new Focus feature should tackle distractions.

The best compliment I can pay iOS 15 is that for all the changes Apple’s latest software update introduces — and there are a lot of them — it isn’t long after updating that the enhancements blend into your everyday iPhone usage. The changes and enhancements seem a natural extension of what’s already there.

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I’ve been using iOS 15 since the first beta came out earlier this summer. My standard practice is to install any iOS beta on a couple different iPhones (an iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 12 in this instance), occasionally referring back to a reference device like my wife’s iPhone just to confirm what’s different from the last iOS update. In recent weeks, I find myself borrowing my wife’s iOS 14-powered phone more frequently, as the many iOS 15 enhancements feel like they’ve always been there on my phone. That’s a sign of a successful upgrade.

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