iPhone 13 — here’s where Android phones still win

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iPhone 13 — here’s where Android phones still win

The iPhone 13 is an excellent phone. Actually, according to our global editor in chief Mark Spoonauer, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the best phone ever made. But even with Apple grazing the heels of perfection, its latest handsets are missing features that have been standard in the Android space for some time. And no, we’re not just talking about being able to play Game Boy emulators. 

While iPhone 13 Pro buyers might just be getting accustomed to 120Hz displays and faster charging, those are features that even budget-minded Android fans already enjoy. And it’s not just screen refresh rates. Standard features includes punch-hole cameras to forego the need for an obtrusive notch, periscope lenses for increased zoom and USB-C charging. If there’s anything that prevents Apple from achieving mobile perfection, it is the phone maker’s stubborn attitude toward adopting what’s prevalent.

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Either way, below are some things that Android simply does better than iPhone 13. 

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