I've Got a Playdate With Panic's New Retro Handheld

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I've Got a Playdate With Panic's New Retro Handheld

Panic’s upcoming Gameboy-like system looks to deliver a slice of retro gaming style, but without burying you in the nostalgia that comes from replaying the games you grew up on—and I’m totally here for it.

Retro gaming has been making quite a comeback as of late, and while getting to replay old-school titles that helped shape gaming is fun, you also can miss out on the feeling and emotion that comes with those remakes if you didn’t play the original. That’s why new systems like Playdate—a small yellow Gameboy-like device from Panic—are so exciting, because they blend the old-school graphics and visuals of those classics with brand-new experiences.

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“Playdate presents an interesting entrant as it is designed as a retro-style device with retro-style (but entirely new) games,” Scott Willoughby, a game developer and chief operating officer of Brainium, told Lifewire in an email. 

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