Jabra Elite 3 review: nailing the essentials for $80

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Jabra Elite 3 review: nailing the essentials for

After establishing a strong reputation with great, dependable earbuds like the Elite 75t, Jabra is overhauling its whole lineup with three new models. At the high end are the $199 Elite 7 Pros and $179 Elite 7 Active earbuds, which will hit shelves in October. But for many, the most exciting part of Jabra’s latest trio will be the Elite 3 earbuds, which are the company’s first true wireless earbuds to launch at a price under $100. They only cost $79.99, putting them in competition with EarFun, Anker, JLab, and other companies that are known for quality buds on a budget.

Jabra doesn’t shoot for the Moon with the Elite 3s; they lack active noise cancellation and they sacrifice one feature that’s become a hallmark of Jabra earbuds: multipoint support. You can only pair these with one device at a time, whereas the company’s other products can connect to two audio sources simultaneously. It stings, but it’s also a predictable omission at this asking price. What you’re left with is a set of earbuds that outshine sound quality expectations, deliver lengthy battery life, and above all else, come through with consistent, reliable performance — which can’t always be said of other sub-$100 earbuds.

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From a design standpoint, the Elite 3s have evolved beyond the utilitarian look of the 65t / 75t / 85t and show a little more style. Jabra describes it as “a sleek Danish design.” My review unit is the standard dark gray, but there are lilac purple and beige options if you want something brighter. Instead of the usual circular button on the exterior, these earbuds have more of a teardrop shape, and the mini stem with perforated mic holes from the company’s past buds is also gone.

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