Kindle’s Four-Year Kindle Security Update Cut-Off Isn’t So Bad

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Kindle’s Four-Year Kindle Security Update Cut-Off Isn’t So Bad

You’ll keep using your Kindle longer than any other gadget, but now Amazon will only keep it secure for four years. 

We’re used to getting new features with software updates, but just as important are security updates, especially as most of our devices now have a semi-permanent connection to the internet. Unfortunately, Amazon has announced that it will only offer Kindle security updates for four years after the product is discontinued—although it may still add new features after this time.

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“It’s not right for Amazon to stop providing security updates, but it’s a tactic used by all the big tech players to try to force customers to replace their devices. While buying a new device every few years used to be the norm because the updated models were truly feature-packed upgrades, today’s devices are lasting longer as updates are no longer as drastic, but rather tweaks to power, battery life, and sometimes the display.” Lundin Matthews, reader, and founder of IT company AdminRemix, told Lifewire via email. 

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