King of Seas review

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King of Seas review

Fun, cartoonish pirating, which makes you feel cheeky rather than evil.

You want to be a pirate—you’re only human, after all—and this game has you covered. Defending yourself from the navy, attacking innocent people for loot, sailing around doing nothing more than looking for trouble… all present and correct. You don’t have to be horrible on the high seas, but when it’s made as fun as it is here, it’s pretty darn tempting.

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While there’s a story, it’s not particularly deep, and could be comfortably summed up in a tweet (including spoilers). The important thing is that you go from member of the nautical monarchy to outlaw pirate with amusing speed, and terrorising strangers is more fun than living a life of luxury could ever have been. Exploring (and blowing up) this world in your ship is immensely satisfying, which is just as well; you never set foot on dry land.

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