Last Stop review

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Last Stop review

A smart, funny, heartfelt narrative game that tells a killer story, but doesn’t do much beyond that.

What is it? A magical realism adventure game set in London.
Expect to pay TBC
Developer Variable State
Publisher Annapurna Interactive
Reviewed on RTX 2080 Super, Intel i7-9700K, 16GB RAM
Multiplayer None
Link Official site

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Last Stop is a game about extraordinary things happening to ordinary people. Set on the streets of London, it follows four very different characters whose unremarkable lives are suddenly touched by the supernatural. It’s an offbeat mix of the mundane and the fantastic, where one minute you’re making a cup of tea, and the next you’re tumbling through a portal into another dimension. It’s also one of the most authentic depictions of Britain I’ve seen in a videogame—a realistic, understated setting that makes those moments when things turn magical seem extra uncanny.

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