Lian Li Q58 Review: Best ITX Case Yet?

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Lian Li Q58 Review: Best ITX Case Yet?

Lian Li’s Q58 is capable of squeezing a high-TDP system into a small, 14.3 Liter ITX shoebox. And thanks to its half-glass, half-mesh panels, it’s thermally quite capable.

Ten years ago, Lian Li was mostly known for extremely expensive aluminum cases that many dreamed of, but few could actually afford. But in the last few years, Lian Li has pivoted to become the people’s case maker. Gone is the requirement for everything to be aluminum – these days you’ll find plenty of steel, especially in the frames and mesh – but the design brilliance has remained, if not improved.

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The company’s latest ITX case, the Q58, is an example of exactly this new way of thinking – it offers a brilliant design, oh-so-premium looks, and – get this – it only costs $130. If you’re familiar with the world of ITX cases, you’ll know that’s not a lot of money for a small, 14.3 liter case, especially with the likes of the NCase M1 costing around $210 and Louqe’s Raw S1 tallying in at a mighty $330.

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