Make iPhone 13 preorders a one-step process on Friday by following these steps

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Make iPhone 13 preorders a one-step process on Friday by following these steps

If you’re planning on preordering one of Apple’s new iPhone 13 models at 8AM ET on Friday, September 17th, you might be interested to know that Apple says customers can pre-register their details to make the checkout process a little easier. Now, before you say anything, I completely agree that the idea of pre-registering for a preorder sounds ridiculous. But if you’re someone who wants to complete the preorder as quickly as possible to guarantee an early ship date during a time of global component shortages, it’s a useful trick to know. Just be aware that this process is only available until midnight on Thursday, Eastern Time.

This isn’t the first time Apple has offered pre-registration. But previously this route appears to have been reserved for customers on the iPhone Upgrade Program, MacRumors reports, a 24-month payment plan that includes AppleCare Plus and offers a phone upgrade each year. But now anyone can enter their details early to buy a phone with far less hassle on launch day.

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To pre-register, head over to the Apple Store app or Apple’s website to get started. Anyone on the upgrade plan will have their upgrade eligibility checked and credit lines approved. Other customers can pick out their preferred iPhone model, register their carrier status, enter payment details, and pick out accessories and / or an AppleCare Plus plan. Just be aware that some users are reporting seeing a “Your iPhone pre-order has expired” error message, which MacRumors notes appears to be a glitch.

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