Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) review

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Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) review

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the best way to see the world from your couch.

Platforms: PC (reviewed), Xbox Series X/S
Price: $60
Release Date: August 18, 2020 (PC) / July 27, 2021 (Xbox)
Genre: Simulation

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If any one video game can chart the progress of PC development, it’s Microsoft Flight Simulator. First released in 1982, the title has been through 12 iterations, each one taking advantage of the latest technology and gaming trends. The newest version, simply called Microsoft Flight Simulator, not only looks fantastic, but also leverages Microsoft’s satellite imagery and live weather data to provide the most realistic experience yet. In addition, the game is also compatible with VR headsets and, in a first, with the Xbox Series X, opening it up to an even wider audience. 

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