Microsoft Modern Webcam Review: New Mid-Budget Best

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Microsoft Modern Webcam Review: New Mid-Budget Best

At $70, the Microsoft Modern Webcam pushes out higher quality footage than the Logitech C920 at a cheaper price, with few compromises.

Webcams were a bit of a stagnant space before the pandemic shifted much of the world to a work-from-home setup. In 2020, the Logitech C920 was still the best webcam in the mid-budget range despite being almost a decade old. The pandemic’s since seen a lot of companies launch new webcams to try to fill the world’s rising demand, but while we’ve seen contenders from the likes of Dell and Elgato knock premium giants like the Logitech Brio 4K off their thrones, we’ve yet to see a definitive improvement on the Logitech C920. Until now, with the release of the Microsoft Modern Webcam.

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The name alone feels like it’s taking potshots at Logitech, even if it uses the same naming scheme as Microsoft’s recent keyboards and mice. At $70 and boasting HDR and a 78 degree field of view, this 1080p @ 30 fps camera does everything the C920 does, but thanks to recent innovations, it does it better and cheaper.

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