Mortal Shell review

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Mortal Shell review

Enjoyably tough and esoteric, if a little uneven, Mortal Shell is a decent debut from Cold Symmetry.

What is it? Challenging and entertaining budget Soulslike.
Expect to pay $30/£25
Developer Cold Symmetry
Publisher Playstack Ltd
Reviewed on Nvidia GeForce 2080 Super, AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 32 GB Ram
Multiplayer? No
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It’s fitting that Mortal Shell is about wearing someone else’s skin, given how shamelessly it parades around in the epidermis of Dark Souls. Most ‘Soulslikes’ as they’ve come to be known at least try to dress themselves differently, whether it’s the industrial horror of The Surge or the more Cyberpunkish fantasy of Hellpoint. Not Mortal Shell. It stands proudly in its dinted plate armour, screeching “Come at me bro” with a greatsword slung across its shoulder.

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