Naenka Runner Pro review

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Naenka Runner Pro review

A rival to AfterShokz in the ‘bone conduction’ genre, this waterproof headset is unique in playing music over Bluetooth and from its 8GB internal memory. Decent all-around sound (though best suited to podcasts and audiobooks) makes it suited to workouts, swimming and general all-round use, though low points include connectivity issues, a short battery life and its use of an annoying proprietary cable.

Bone conduction headphones not from AfterShokz? The headband-style Naenka Runner Pro looks and sounds very similar to the various other bone conduction headsets on the market (through which vibrations are sent through your jawbone directly to your inner ear), but its dual audio modes make it a unique product.

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This is the only bone conduction headset we know of that’s waterproof and has a built-in MP3 player, in addition to Bluetooth streaming from a smartphone. That ‘memory mode’ makes it instantly attractive to runners who really don’t want to have to take their smartphone out on a run, but also to swimmers, who until now have had very little choice when looking for the best waterproof headphones.

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