NBA 2K22's WNBA Career Mode is Great, but I Want More

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NBA 2K22's WNBA Career Mode is Great, but I Want More

It's been a long time coming, but, finally, the NBA 2K franchise seems to have embraced the WNBA appropriately. NBA 2K22 has righted the wrongs of previous installments, adding more depth to its WNBA career modes and giving players a chance to be a bit more inclusive about how they play.

It's not perfect, lacking the finer details like achievements or trophies linked to such accomplishments, but it's a big step forward and one I'm a fan of. 

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This isn't the first year that NBA 2K has provided players with the chance of controlling one of the 12 WNBA teams. First introduced in NBA 2K20, the feature felt like a huge step back then, but it was pretty limited. While the game offered all the relevant licensing and so forth, players only could use WNBA teams in the Play Now or Season modes of the game. It was pretty limited compared to what could be accomplished as a male player, but it was a start. 

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