‘New World’ Finally Feels Like It Could be a Great Game

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‘New World’ Finally Feels Like It Could be a Great Game

After multiple rough public tests, the latest beta for New World finally showcases the potential that Amazon Game Studios’ first massively multiplayer online (MMO) game has to offer, even if it isn’t completely there yet.

There’s no ignoring the fact that New World has had a somewhat storied past over the last four or five years of its development. As one of three games originally announced by Amazon in 2016, the title found itself the only one standing after the others on the list were put on hiatus or outright canceled. To make matters worse, the various public tests that Amazon Game Studios held showcased a rough experience, and one that suffered from a lot of balancing issues. 

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Now, though, it looks like Amazon is finally starting to hone in on what makes New World enjoyable, though, with less than a month to its full release, it might not be the perfect MMO that many are holding out for. At least not yet.

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