Nightingale gets a new trailer at The Game Awards

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Nightingale gets a new trailer at The Game Awards

Nightingale continues to be one of the most promising games on the horizon. The PvE survival action game got a new trailer at The Game Awards 2022 (opens in new tab), showcasing, among other things, umbrella gliding.

You can feel the Breath of the Wild that Nightingale is channeling with those snippets of exploration. If there’s one single mechanic that seemingly every exploration game is rightfully taking from Zelda, I’m glad it’s the gliders. Jumping off a gigantic cliff with zero fear of death is one of the great joys of my recent open world adventures, and I’m already loving Nigtingale’s delightfully Poppins-like twist on the idea.

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There were other things in tonight’s trailer (though nothing as fun as umbrellas). We got very brief looks at what might be actual gameplay of Nightingale, while other moments seemed a little too theatrical to represent the real game—the shots of the player mining a rock and chopping a plant seem real enough, but the part where the character smashes enemies with a hammer looked artificial.

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