Nintendo Isn’t Making a Switch Pro, and That’s Okay

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Nintendo Isn’t Making a Switch Pro, and That’s Okay

After months, Nintendo has finally squashed the rumors that a Nintendo Switch Pro is in the works, but experts say we never really needed it.

The recently revealed Nintendo Switch OLED model looks to be the last Switch version we’ll see, at least for the next several months. In a new statement, Nintendo revealed it has no plans to launch another Switch model at this time, which means the rumored Switch Pro—which might have included 4K and a host of other features—isn’t coming anytime soon, if ever. While playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in 4K had its appeal, experts say Nintendo plays by its own rules, and the overall versatility of the Switch makes up for the lack of graphical power seen in other consoles.

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“First of all, Nintendo will always have its fans because of seniority and the games it has provided throughout the years that played a big part in our culture such as the Mario Series,” Tyrone Evans Clark, a 3D game artist and programmer, told Lifewire in an email. “It’s clear that their hardware might not be everything, but with the additional functionality added to their system, they can become unstoppable.”

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