Nintendo Switch review

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Nintendo Switch review

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console for all kinds of gamers, even if you’re not a Nintendo fan.

The Nintendo Switch remains the most unique console on the market. Instead of pursuing raw graphical power like PlayStation and Xbox, Nintendo’s goal of a home console you can play anywhere has proven exceptionally popular, and is supported by some excellent games.

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Over the years, new versions of the Switch have emerged to join the original. First the 2019 handheld-only Switch Lite, and then this year the Switch OLED, which adds a larger, brighter display, more storage capacity and a redesigned dock. However both the first Switch from 2017 and the upgraded, longer-lasting version from 2019 remain a key part of of the line-up, and likely the best Switch for most users. There may be more coming too, if the rumors of a Switch 2 end up being true.

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