No, Valve, You Don't Need to Revolutionize PC Gaming

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No, Valve, You Don't Need to Revolutionize PC Gaming

Valve reportedly is building a handheld PC gaming system to take on the Nintendo Switch, but do we really need another attempt at revolutionizing PC gaming? Probably not.

Reports are once again swirling that Valve is dipping its toe into the hardware game. According to ArsTechnica, the PC gaming giant is currently working on a handheld PC console codenamed “SteamPal.” This isn’t the first time that the company has tried its hand at making hardware, and it has seen some success with the Valve Index in the VR realm, but pretty much every other attempt at making hardware has flopped in some way.

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“There’s also the biggest factor in all of this: A Steam portable wouldn’t be competing against the Nintendo DS or 3DS,” Rex Freiberger, a tech expert and CEO of Gadget Review, told Lifewire in an email. 

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