Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 review

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Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 review

The RTX 3080 offers incredible value for money, providing 4K 60fps PC gaming at an RRP of almost half the last generation of cards. A must-buy for any serious PC gamer wanting a GPU upgrade.

When Nvidia revealed the latest 30-series of graphics cards, PC gamers everywhere rejoiced. While the 3070 offers 2080 Super-level performance for a significantly cheaper price, and the 3090 is the most powerful consumer-level GPU the world has ever seen; it was the 3080 that caused a big ruckus, sitting bang in the middle of the two and featuring some awesome new architecture and specs.

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The 3080 really is the flagship of the three, aimed at those who want to play the latest and greatest games at a smooth 60fps in 4K. It’s safe to say this is the biggest graphical leap we’ve seen in a long time; all three 30-series cards on launch have impressed – and the fourth, the 3060 Ti, when it joined the party too. While a 3090 packs incredible power, supporting up to 8K gaming potentially, a price tag of $1,499/£1,399 is still eye-watering. Meanwhile, you can get a 3080 for half that, at $699/£649. This is 4K gaming at an accessible price for the first time ever, and lists of the best graphics card across the internet have been significantly reshuffled because of this.

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