NVIDIA Might be Axing Two of its Best-Selling Budget GPUs

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NVIDIA Might be Axing Two of its Best-Selling Budget GPUs

With NVIDIA launching new graphics cards like the RTX 4090 and the RTX 4080, and many more on the horizon, the company is looking to make space in its assembly line. Sadly, two fan-favorites seem to be getting the axe as a result, as NVIDIA has reportedly stopped their production.

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Industry reports claim NVIDIA has killed off the budget GTX 1660 graphics card, as well as the formerly mid-range RTX 2060. Both cards were solid options for budget gamers who were looking to play games in 1080p at a budget — the RTX 2060, in particular, is the second most popular graphics card on Steam’s Hardware Survey, only behind the older GTX 1060. All models of the RTX 2060 are seemingly being discontinued, including the regular 2060, the 2060 Super, and the 2060 with 12GB of VRAM that was launched in 2020.

Both cards are fairly old, but NVIDIA relied on their production to have some graphics cards for gamers on store shelves at the height of the crypto craze GPU shortage. After all, NVIDIA couldn’t keep up with the demand for RTX 3000 cards, so many gamers were just resorting to buying older cards and calling it a day.

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