NZXT H510 Flow Review: Better Airflow, Higher Price

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NZXT H510 Flow Review: Better Airflow, Higher Price

NZXT takes things in a good direction with a mesh front intake on its new H510 Flow case, but its $110 price puts it in tough case company.

When NZXT came out with its H510 and H510 Elite chassis in 2019, the cases quickly became popular options for builders. The simplistic looks appealed to buyers, and the base variant was affordable at just $80. But the intake was never impressive with either steel or glass panels, so we’re delighted to see the updated H510 Flow. It’s basically the same case, but with a front mesh intake.

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And indeed, the H510 Flow fixes the biggest issue the earlier H510s had. But its price is up, too. At first, it was set to MSRP at $75, but according to NZXT, the new tariffs on imported goods and added shipping costs with the pandemic have made the company push the price up to a mighty $110.

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