Olija review

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Olija review

Olija spearheads a grimly thrilling adventure which is over too soon.

What is it? An atmospheric action-adventure with a grapple-harpoon
Expect to pay $15/£13.49
Developer Thomas Olsson / Skeleton Crew Studio
Publisher Devolver Digital
Reviewed on Intel i5-6600K / Nvidia GeForce 1070 / 16GB RAM
Multiplayer? No
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Grapple hooks are fun’s rosetta stone. Let’s stop just shy of saying every game should have one (though all games should have one), but it’s always worth appreciating how expressive they are as a mechanic. Do they attach to everything, or just enemies? Or just ledges? Do they immediately start moving you, or do you get to choose? Are you physically transported, or are you teleported there; or does the thing you grappled move instead? Is it taut or does it flex and wind around objects? What exhilarating flavour of mastery does it leave you feeling?

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