Our favourite Tiberian Sun overhaul just received a massive update

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Our favourite Tiberian Sun overhaul just received a massive update

Back in 2018, we took a look at Twisted Insurrection’s decade-long quest to reinvent Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun—and loved it enough to stick this decade-old mod project into our prestigious Top 100 that year. Suffice to say, the generals behind the ambitious standalone mod have kept busy, launching a massive 0.9 update earlier this month.

Over the years, Twisted Insurrection has bulked out the vanilla Nod and GDI armies with tonnes of new units (as well as adding entirely new factions. To deal with that bloat, 0.9 has decided to split those armies into two sub-factions each—the GDI’s Falcon Division and Phoenix Regiment, and the Nod’s Genesis Legion and Sons of Kane. GloboTech, an entirely new faction, has also been bulked out enough to be playable in multiplayer skirmishes. 

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Tiberian Sun modders have also been busy adding support for Bink Video’s improved video formatting, with Twisted Insurrection (and other TS mods) now able to render cutscenes in higher resolutions with improved audio. TI also now features ReShade support (commonly used to give games a “realistic” visual overhaul), and while the examples given look a little garish, I’m sure some tweaking could help give the ageing game some love.

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