PHOGS! review

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PHOGS! review

A pleasant mix of gentle puzzling and body horror, PHOGS! is a very good boy.

What is it? Two phogs, one pup.
Expect to pay $25/£23
Developer Bit Loom Games
Publisher Coatsink
Reviewed on GeForce GTX 1650, AMD Ryzen 5 3550H, 8 GB RAM
Multiplayer Two players local or online
Link Official site

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Would you classify this game’s protagonists as ‘cute’, or ‘a horrific monstrosity that defiles the very concept of nature’? I think I’ll go with ‘both’. It’s still fashionable to put in a claim of cognitive dissonance, after all. I’m not ashamed to say (perhaps I should be) that, when I first saw this double-headed… thing, the question that immediately sprang to mind for me was “how does it poo?”. This is not, sadly, something that the game ever addresses.

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