Pi-Powered Money Shredder Reacts to Markets

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Pi-Powered Money Shredder Reacts to Markets

How do you like your metaphors? If the answer is ‘on the nose and with no subtlety whatsoever,’ then have we got a project for you. Featured by Hackaday, this Raspberry Pi-powered picture frame tracks market data to literally shred your money when your shares are down.

Inspired by British street-art hooligan Banksy, who famously built a shredder into a picture frame to destroy his artwork seconds after the hammer fell on its £860,000 auction (it jammed two-thirds of the way through, making owning something that expensive an even more terrifying experience, since a jolt could start it up again, completing its destructive work), German maker/artist Luis Marx (certainly a good surname to have when talking about capital) decided to put his money where his money already was.

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Taking control of the means of production, Marx built the picture frame himself and modified an off-the-shelf paper shredder so that its on/off switch could be manipulated by a HobbyKing servo and an Arduino. He built a revolutionary motorized money-insertion device and 3D printed some parts to make the notes fall down the frame properly. 

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